Make BookDesign Studio 2016–18

Unit 04: Tom Wedell

Question: How does the sequencing of information affect communication?

One of the main concepts necessary to understanding the design process is the use of TIME. Careful ordering and distribution of information is essential to successful communication.

In the expanded world of Graphic Design time plays a major role. Not only in how we engage in the design of an exhibit or screen based project, but also in the considerations a designer must build into two-dimensional “fixed” surfaces, such as signs, books, posters, and charts.

The graphic designer today must learn to master the art of pacing. How a viewer encounters information in a specific sequence and the pace at which that information is viewed, is one of the basic elements of communication. The order in which ideas are accessed is at the essence of any design project.

Learning objectives

Lecture as pdf

Core Assignment

From the list of options below, pick one and create a video of two minutes or less that describes how to execute your chosen task without using words or voiceover. The video can be assembled from video clips, sequenced still photographic stills, drawings, or a any combination.

It is extremely important to adhere to the time limit of two minutes!

Pick ONE from the following:


A two minute (or less) video: QuickTime FORMAT (.MOV; H.264; 720p)

Movies should ideally be less than 100MB, with dimensions no larger than 1280 x 720.

Movies larger than 250MB will be rejected.

Movies should follow this naming convention: Student

This information should also appear on a title card at the beginning of your film. Schedule:

FINAL videos given to John Sunderland (3rd floor) on Monday, Nov. 7th before 3pm.